It is highly recommended that you book a reservation and pay online in advance. But if you are interested in making a reservation whether that being for same day or next day, we may certainly help you with that. Please complete this form below and enter your information, so we may properly create a reservation into our booking system on your behalf.

You will receive a confirmation via email. Although you may not know exactly what packages or firearms you want to shoot, we do require that you pay a $24.95 per shooter fee to secure your preferred date and time. But don’t worry, that amount will get applied towards your final balance upon arrival. You will receive then receive a reservation via email with a balance due. You may enter your credit card details yourself to complete the reservation. You will then receive an automated paid confirmation for your records.

Also by booking online or making a reservation with us, you qualify for our free premium SGC t-shirt promotion (retail value $24.95) and get priority pick-up so you arrive at your reservation on time. All other pick-ups without a paid reservation are first-come and first-served. As our guests with a paid reservation are accommodated first. If all sounds good, you may proceed.