Have a Blast at Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party with Our BOOM FOR THE GROOM Promotion!

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a tradition that dates back decades and serve as the perfect opportunity for the bride- and groom-to-be to celebrate their final days of singlehood with friends and family. And what better way to mark the occasion than a fun-filled day at the shooting range! At our Las Vegas facility, we specialize in providing the ultimate Bachelor and Bachelorette party experience with our BOOM FOR THE GROOM promotion. Read on to learn more about this fantastic offer and how you can enjoy an unforgettable day with your group!

Our BOOM FOR THE GROOM promotion offers a fun and exciting shooting experience that will leave you and your group exhilarated. The package comprises five rounds on a .50 BMG Barrett M107A1 Sniper Rifle, typically priced at $99.95, that’s a saving of almost 100 bucks! To be eligible for the promotion, the group, including the Bachelor, must purchase a minimum of five shooting packages. This offer applies to all combinations that amount to five or more. Once qualified, the Bachelor receives our BOOM FOR THE GROOM promotion, featuring five rounds on the .50 BMG Barrett Rifle, compliments of our facility.

Our offer doesn’t end there. To make your day even more special, we provide complimentary round-trip transportation for your entire group to and from our shooting range. So you can focus on having a great time with your buddies, rather than worrying about transportation logistics.

We understand that not all groups may want a strictly Bachelor or Bachelorette party. Why not make it a co-ed event and bring along the bride-to-be and her gal pals? We welcome women to participate and have the unique experience of firing the BMG .50 Cal, too. You can reserve shooting packages for Bachelorettes within the same reservation, ensuring that everyone has a blast at your event.

If you’re new to firearms, don’t worry; our professional instructors will guide you through every step, making sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Each of our shooting packages includes the rental of a firearm, ammunition, a hearing protection headgear, and two targets. Our range boasts modern equipment and impeccably maintained firearms, ensuring a memorable day at the range for everyone involved.

If you’re looking to plan a unique and unforgettable Bachelor or Bachelorette party in Las Vegas, look no further than our BOOM FOR THE GROOM promotion. This fun and exciting shooting package, combined with complimentary transportation and the ability to include Bachelorettes within the same reservation, makes our facility the perfect spot for your celebration. Regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you may be, we guarantee you and your group will have a fantastic time at the range. Book your party today or Contact Us for further inquiries. We look forward to hosting you at our facility soon!

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